Vehicle wraps

There are many reasons why those that decide to go with a car wrap do just that. Maybe you are just unsatisfied with the current color of your car. A car wrap allows for a plethora of options from a multitude of colors to different finishes such as gloss, matte, and camouflage. You’re also presented with options that you simply can’t get if you were in the midst of weighing out a car wrap vs a paint job. Options such as chrome wraps and textures including carbon fiber, and brushed metallic.


On the other hand you may be a business owner looking to brand your company on a consistent basis knowing that with a vehicle wrap you can accumulate between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions daily depending on your commute. Not to mention that you will also have 24 hour advertising as long as your vehicle is in plain sight. 

Consider your automobile wrap options

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  • Full Vehicle wraps
  • Partial Car Wraps
  • Boat Wraps
  • Fleet Vehicles Graphics and Wraps
  • Motorcycle Wraps
  • Many More Vinyl Wrap Options

Brand your business or simply alter your look

Your vehicle can commonly be refferd to as a reflection of you. What attributes of yourself is speaking to the public through your vehicle.

Are you a business owner trying to display a message to the public or simply an individual who wishes to change how their personal vehicle looks either in a full custom wrap. Or a few accents, maybe a chrome deletion or a custom window decal? 

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Consider some options and figure out if a vehicle wrap is the right option for you

Common Faq

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Currently MVI Wraps consists of a group Licensed and insured free lance installers. We do not currently have a specified location of our own. We rather rent bays from shops in the area who after more than 8 years of consistent growth and mastery in the wrap industry we’ve built great relationships with on a professional level 

One of our most common questions, and the best answer we can offer is that each wrap varys. Depending on vehicle size, shape, matterial chosen as well as a multitude of other factors it is always best to give us a call so we can give you a custom quote

Depending on your material of choice. As well as if you take care of Your wrap; wash it properly, get it coated etc. a wrap can last you upwards of 5-7 years give or take. If you’re not one for much maintaining the wrap can begin to lose its luster much sooner than that.

No not at all, you can make a choice that fits your mood. We offer hood and roof packages, stripes, chrome deletes and much more. Honestly, you can customize your vehicle nearly however you see fit. give us a call to discuss more options

full wraps

Customize your entire vehicle from front to back bumper, from roof to bed. Brand it with your company name, number, logo and some imagery to depict a statement you want to make. 

Partial Wraps

Be a little more easy with your message and branding. Give the public your name, number, logo. and some cutouts to attract a little more attention at a fraction of the cost of a full wrap.

MVI Wraps