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We believe highly in continuing education

One attribute that our team heavily embodies is our drive for continuing our education. With the wrap industry being relatively young. The improvements in material, installations, and overall knowledge of the field is extremely important. We like to stay on top of the latest industry upgrades so that we continue to bring you the most value.

  • 3M Certified
  • Geek Wraps Certified
  • Elite Wrappers Certified
  • Avery Business Boot Camp Certified

Why choose us

We offer many different wrap installation options

We are your go to choice for vinyl installations whether, it is on a car wrap, wall wrap, window graphic, boat wrap, dance floor or anything else you can ponder up.

Amongst the common wrap options, we couldn’t stretch the possibilities of vinyl enough. We are more than capable and willing to customize your everyday items including helmets, gaming consoles, skate boards, surf boards and almost anything with either a smooth of flat surface.

Car wraps

Use vinyl graphics to completely alter or enhance your vehicle for personal or business purposes.

Window perf

Your windows are a prime location when it comes to advertising.we offer designs and installations of window perf to take your message to the next level.

boat wraps

Customize your watercraft with your special title, or choose a customised color making you absolutely unique in the waters.

Floor wraps

We customise your special day or vent. with a personalized floor wrap to fit your night. we offer installations and removals if needed.

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